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Brief description

Welcome to OkamiYuuki.Top, this is HaoJun0823, I am very happy to meet you here.

This is a website I created in 2020 to commemorate and perfect my original character Okami Yuuki(大神佑季), I believe he has a soul, so I registered a domain name to set up this site to share my original works and fan creations .

Who is Okami Yuuki?

He is an original character that I created. He existed at least in 2000. He is a gentle and kind boy, carrying my will and encouraging me to move forward. He was with me early and made me a better existence. I treat him as my best son, so for me, he has a soul.

Okami(大神) is his last name, and Yuuki(佑季) is his first name. I often call him DAWN(黎明), Dawn is his nickname. I hope he will one day, like dawn, cut through the night and pull the day into the world

For me, it is difficult for me to create him as a whole body through my own strength, but I love the era of intelligence and computers, so I will try my best to use all kinds of modern technologies to realize the soul I have created. In this world, so I may imitate him, write some of his stories, or place him in various works to take risks, maybe I will also be an artificial intelligence?

So, I put him in various works, such as SHIFT’s CODE VEIN, some of the appearance settings of Yuuki are based on the game design, or the FATE series, which inspired me to want to create rather than continue to think about his motivation .

But no matter what I do, I can’t replace the Okami Yuuki with my soul. Therefore, I can only say that these works I created and the derivatives of these works are based on him, not his own, but I hope everyone and I can remember his spirit, will and soul.

In the end, I value and love him very much. For me, Yuuki is a part of me. Without him, I think I can’t persevere in many things, so I hope everyone can get along with him well and don’t hurt him.

What will this site have?

Here, I will mainly place the setting of the Okami Yuuki and all his related content.

Most of them are created in Simplified Chinese, and I will work hard to translate these contents into English. If you like Yuuki or your views and opinions on my work, you can also talk to me, I am happy to share the concept of creation With ideas.

Is there anything that needs attention?

The resources and content of this website prohibit your commercial use and plagiarism. If you want to share with others, please mark the names of these characters and my name and their origin. Let everyone know more and learn about them from me the first time, I hope you like my creation and Yuuki!

In order to properly protect the content of the site, I did not allow users to copy the content of the site through a standard browser, if you have a particular favorite, you can pass the content of each article Gadgets to convert that article to PDF or other formats, convenient for your local collection and storage.

I am interested in your settings! Can I recreate?

Of course! I very much welcome your creation! All the content tagged with “original works” is created by me, So I own the copyright and final interpretation of these works.

As the creator and Yuuki’s father, I will love your work! But whether it is profit or re-creation, Please mark the names and origins of Yuuki. Because his popularity is not high, I don’t want Yuuki to appear somewhere and be regarded as passers-by or misunderstood as Other roles.

If you will do something to him… bad things(R-18), I hope you will take good care of and remember his original appearance afterwards(Respect my settings), people’s creation and desire are unlimited, and the story is not true, but Yuuki should also have his own dignity and self-meaning. I care and love Yuuki very much, and I hope you are the same. For me, Yuuki not only satisfy everyone’s happiness and laughter, but also more important It is his spirit and story that should be able to inspire or alert others, and this is the immortal meaning of creation: respect his personality and interpret his lives.I hope you make positive, happy, and sweet content, not brutal, violent, and dark. Just like the Yuuki I created inspires me, I also hope yuuki can inspire others as well.

In addition, please don’t do anything very bad for Yuuki(destroy character, or serious out of character), Yuuki is really important to me. For example, Yuuki is a kind and gentle boy. He cannot be a murderer, violent, or invade other people without reason. So please treat him well. If you want to do something weird, i hope you will use the same power to care for him in the future!

Extra attention

The works tagged with “Fan works” were re-created or fan created by me based on the intellectual property rights of other non-profit or commercial groups, organizations or individuals. Please be sure to comply with my request, and please create in accordance with their rules and copyright or Commercial operation, I am also very happy to recommend their work to you, they are the best!

Most of the “Fan Works” are stories of Yuuki in these works. For example, Yuuki was not created based on other people’s works, so I will indicate that I own the Yuuki’s original setting.

At last

We were born in a great era, where everyone is the creator of life. Maybe some people think that my idealist behavior is ridiculous, but I believe in a sentence: I think, so they are .

It is difficult for a person to achieve anything in his life, but I want to use my life to create a character and create his soul. I don’t know if there is any trace of him in another world, or whether the soul is real Yes, but I believe that everything is the best arrangement.

Finally, I will always like my son Okami Yuuki! Please support us and look forward to tomorrow!

Send our best wishes.

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